Arts and Life

Being a creative person, I live with my eyes and heart open in the world and this is what images come from.
Drawing and painting have always been existing in my life, however, it has differed in meaning and importance from period to period of my life. This is what I connect through with the world; it helps me understand the world. It flashes me shapes from the past and future; it helps me survive and it urges me to act in the present.
Creation takes me into my depths and thus it raises me high as well as it reveals Entirety for me - and it leads me to other human beings. The idea “good and well” is accompanied with the demand that the image – like a mirror – should make you look in, be absorbed, recollect and realize. Find or meet yourself.

I have been searching for and I have found a world of images perpetually coming into existence in which phenomena of nature, flora of the world, allegoric communication of animals and human destinies reveal themselves with truthful attention. I intend to express the revealed senses and relations not in a subjective manner, if possible, but as they really are.
I am concerned about how the image of a human being as well as his place and position can be depicted at present; in the created and transformed world; or how he can stay and live on the ground of “golden mean”.
I feel a deep urge to seek the unchanged and eternal elements in the changing and transitory world. I do it through enamel – and oil painting. The mode of expression is in a continuous change. I am seeking it. And I want to grasp it topically.